Library for the Future


Lib>a>y fo> the Futu>e

What does a radical feminist library look like today? What books and resources are feminists turning to for thought-partnership? How might a collection of texts help us imagine new feminist futures?

lib>a>y fo> the futu>e is a network of physical and digital spaces designed to support feminist thought-partnership and resource-sharing. It is a site for finding hope.

We collaborate with artists to generate feminist lib>a>y collections. Every collection is made up of books that have informed readers’ relationships to feminism. The content, location, and physical form of every lib>a>y collection is unique; in this sense, it is a resource for the future and a record of a particular kind of thinking at a particular time and place. lib>a>y for the futu>e takes its shape from the dialogue between these collections. Stay tuned! lib>a>y fo> the futu>e will be calling for proposals in 2020.